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Four-fold Services

Expert Guidance and Facilitation of the Strategy


Comprehensive Analysis

We provide expert guidance to analyze your current property valuations and yields. Our team of experienced real estate consultants will help you make informed decisions to maximize your investment returns.


Work with Qualified Intermediary

1031 Exchange rules require that proceeds from the sale pass through a QI (Qualified Intermediary) so that there is no constructive receipt by the client. We will help coordinate with some of the most trusted QI's in the business.


Coordinate Real Estate Listing

We have access to some of the best listing agents in the business, no matter where your properties are in the United States. Our agents understand the strategy and will help you successfully reach your goals.


Identify DST Investment Options

The success of the strategy is defined by our ability to give you DST investment options that meet your financial goals. We have access to DSTs across many sectors and help to determine the optimal portfolio.

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